Proposal for South Park

Proposal for South Park


The Hon Dr Joseph Muscat
Prime Minister
Auberge de Castille


23 December 2014


Dear Prime Minister,


Prior to the 2013 general election you expressed agreement with the idea of establishing a nature park in the south of Malta. The undersigned Non-Governmental Organisations would like to urge you to build upon this initial proposal which can only be a win-win situation for the country. If taken up as a Private Public Partnership scheme in the southern region of Malta this project will bring a long-term boost to the economy, and improve social and environmental aspects in this part of the Island.


BirdLife Malta, Din l-Art Helwa, Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar, and Nature Trust express concern regarding the proposals for the development of three hotel complexes in the area between Smart City and Marsascala. We fear that this would create an unsustainable precedent for the ongoing development of undeveloped countryside in the area which would devastate the local environment and ruin its traditional character.


Following our discussions prior to the 2013 general election, we would propose that a protected nature and heritage park in the south would save the region from the dense development of the north and do much to increase our Island’s reputation as a tourist destination. Employment opportunities can also be created by the establishment of protected open public space and coast, now so scarce in Malta, as well as the reutilisation and upgrading of existing buildings and valorisation of heritage sites. This would be much more sustainable and also reflect the distinct character of the area, which would attract high-value eco and cultural tourism, boosting economic feasibility. Such creative ventures make a higher contribution to the quality of life and well-being of local communities and their visitors. More detail can be found in the attached outline.


We look forward to working with the government to ensure that the future of the southern region of Malta is sustainable.


Yours sincerely,


Geoffrey Saliba, Simone Mizzi, Astrid Vella, Vince Attard, BirdLife Malta, Din l-Art Helwa, Nature Trust, Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahar