Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar is mainly a volunteer-based organisation. The organisation has been successful in its campaigns since its inception in 2006 because of the contribution of volunteers and thanks to the extensive support received. Volunteering does not mean you will be inundated with work as it can be as little as three hours a year curating our annual art exhibition.  Small jobs include taking photographs of heritage buildings or making phone calls for articles for our heritage website. Help in editing or translating articles is always needed. Any work related to planning issues is done through our website so as not to reveal members’ identities. Volunteers can also help in the organisation of fund raising activities.

There are many benefits to be gained when you volunteer with an environmental non-governmental organisation like FAA. You will:

  • Help in the protection and enhancement of the Maltese natural and urban environment,
  • Help lobby for the improvement of the Maltese environment for the enjoyment of future generations,
  • Learn more about environment problems like development issues and also about proactive solutions,
  • Learn and acquire new skills and know-how for the conservation of the natural and urban environment and how the Planning Authority works
  • Become part of a social network, forming closer ties with the local community, meeting new people and making new friends,
  • Gain personal satisfaction from doing something worthwhile for the community and the environment,
  • Grow in self esteem and self confidence,
  • Participate in enjoyable activities, having fun with like-minded people,
  • Ultimately,  encourage others to also learn and change their attitudes and behaviour.


If you’re interested in joining FAA as a volunteer we would like to hear from you, and possibly meet to discuss  in what way you can get involved.

Please contact us on: contact@faa.org.mt

FAA also takes on voluntary internships with volunteers working at the office on both development and heritage issues.  More info on this can be downloaded here: Voluntary Internship at FAA.