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Why join FAA?

Our health and well-being depends on the state of our environment. Join hundreds of other proactive citizens by becoming an FAA member, safeguarding your surroundings, your family’s health and quality of life, and our islands’ urban and rural heritage.

Our lobbying has contributed significantly to action being taken to ensure the preservation of many heritage buildings, and served to curtail planning abuse and air pollution while promoting water and energy conservation and the protection of trees.

Together we can change the alarming fact that Malta has the world’s highest rate of hospitalisation for emissions-induced lung problems. We have already succeeded in having legislation introduced to curb building site noise, dust and dirt pollution which contribute to many illnesses. Now we must ensure awareness and enforcement.

• With 40,000 vacant units, unbuilt plots in towns and villages and a population set to decline, can we afford to build on what little virgin countryside we have left?

• Let us save our health-giving trees and restore our heritage buildings rather than tearing them down. Why are so many of our new buildings considered so ugly?

• By increasing awareness about injuries and damage to properties caused by unsafe building practices we can press for stronger legislation and enforcement.

We should not have to tolerate institutions which do not respect the rights of the citizen — It’s time to stop feeling helpless. Join FAA and make a difference. Take the first positive step towards improving things for yourself and future generations!

How will you benefit from joining?

By joining FAA you will get guidance to have a say in decisions that affect your quality of life, developments in your town or village, the preservation of our national monuments and ensure that it is all in line with Maltese and EU laws.

Once you become a member of FAA:

• You will be entitled to participate in our members-only events and will be the first to be informed of a place on FAA’s popular cultural talks, walks and social events to raise awareness on urban and rural heritage.

• You will be informed on issues of national importance.

• In recognition of FAA’s contribution to the community, St James Hospital Group, Attard & Co DeCanter Wine Cellars, Marsa, Sistina Wine & Co., Gżira and FitnessPoint Fitness Centre at Tigne Point offer special discounts for all FAA members. Cartridge World is offering FAA members a 10% discount on Cartridge World ink and toner products, as well as a 5% discount on all other products sold in Cartridge World stores. BDL is generously giving FAA members a 25% discount on books from BDL in recognition of FAA’s work in favour of heritage and environment. Click here to read more about our membership benefits.

What kind of country are we going to offer to future generations?

We hope that you feel strongly about FAA’s aims and objectives, and invite you to become a member of FAA or help us with a donation.

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