City Growth

Like many cities or urban settlements around the world there is always a common challenge; space. How we use the little space available is always our choice, whether it is seats on a balcony or a barbeque on the rooftop. However in comparison to many larger European cities, whenever I am in Malta I’ always delighted to see plant... [...]

Facing the Rising Tide

Science fiction novels often show a bleak future of erratic climates, rising seas and drowning cities, due to greenhouse gas increases in our atmosphere. As the planet warms, most retained heat is absorbed by oceans, leading to thermal expansion of water – the same principle that makes mercury thermometers function. Polar... [...]


Throughout my professional career I have heard this said so many times, all over the world and I never cease to find it upsetting. Trees are present, in one form or another, almost everywhere in the world including hot deserts where these small islands of green offer hope of water, shade and food to animals and humans where... [...]

Two-Faced Environmental Corruption

At a time when virtually every newspaper front page features an article related to corruption, let’s focus on the two hands of environmental corruption in Malta: the one hand that commits corruption, and the other hand which silently tolerates it. The Maltese environment – our landscapes, the sea surrounding us, the... [...]

Ta' Xwejni salt pans

Gozo Off The Beaten Track Trip Report

Words & pictures with thanks to FAA member Derek Moss On Sat 12th March 2016, FAA members assembled at Ċirkewwa for the 09:00 ferry to Mġarr, Gozo where they were joined by some Gozo FAA members, so a group of 50 led by Astrid Vella headed off by bus to Xagħra to begin the ‘Gozo Off The Beaten Track’ walking tour guided... [...]


Europe’s trees have been warming the planet

Trees do wonders when it comes to cooling Earth. They suck planet-warming carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, locking it into their trunks, leaves, and roots to the tune of about 2.4 billion metric tons of carbon each year. But a new study has found, somewhat counterintuitively, that more trees might not always mean a cooler... [...]


London iTree Results Highlight Value of Urban Trees

The results of the London iTree urban forest survey were published on the 2nd December 2015 in the House of Lords, offering a definitive monetary value for the city’s urban trees. Flood and air pollution reduction were some of the key benefits reavealed in the survey results. It found that each year London trees remove... [...]


A green view through a classroom window can improve students’ performance

High school students perform better on tests if they are in a classroom with a view of a green landscape, rather than a windowless room or a room with a view of built space, according to research from the University of Illinois Department of Landscape Architecture. The research found that students with a green view outside a... [...]


Trees: Helping Cities Solve Climate Change

Quick, name a climate solution for cities which helps lower carbon emissions, protects vulnerable people who live there, and even helps students get better grades. Give up? The answer is urban forests and you’re not alone if you didn’t come up with the answer. After all, most of us see the trees woven into our city... [...]