Press Releases: 2009

Public involvement in planning issues – 01.12.09

  The cancellation of two car park projects makes this week a landmark for traffic planning in Malta, said conservation and environment group Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar (FAA). The welcome announcement that the long-contested Qui si-Sana car park plans were abandoned, was followed by the dropping of the controversial Balluta......

Press Release issued on: 01/12/2009

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Wied Ghajn Zejtuna and Balluta Valley

  Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar (FAA) welcomes the announcement that MEPA has scheduled Wied Ghajn Zejtuna at the Santa Maria Estate in Mellieha. Although limited in size, this area forms a rich eco-system supported by the permanent the freshwater spring which runs through it. It is very encouraging that in designating it......

Press Release issued on: 09/11/2009

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FAA welcomes Budget measures – 9.11.09

  Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar welcomes the importance given to heritage in this Budget, as shown by the funds allocated to the restoration of the Palace, the Birgu collacchio, the Cittadella and various other heritage sites in Malta and Gozo. The heritage and environment group is especially gratified that funds have been......

Press Release issued on: 09/11/2009

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Trees, not cars at Balluta Square

  FAA voices its concern over the St Julian’s Local Council’s March 2009 decision to pursue its project to create a car park accomodating 130 cars in Balluta Square, and deplores the fact that this project was not discussed with local residents before being decided upon. Established almost a century ago, Balluta Square......

Press Release issued on: 07/11/2009

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Ensuring the Survival of our Historic Buildings

  The heritage and environment group Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar (FAA) welcomes the initiative by Government to acquire properties that are of cultural or historical significance so that they may be preserved for posterity by the Nation. The NGO suggests that this legislation focuses on sites and properties that are at......

Press Release issued on: 31/10/2009

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University Students provide Design Solutions in Sensitive Areas

  Architecture awards set up by Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar (FAA) in conjunction with the University Architecture Department are sensitising tomorrow’s architects to the particular needs of rural and historic areas. “FAA wanted to create something positive that would contribute to the nation so they set up the Julian......

Press Release issued on: 22/10/2009

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The nation’s health continues to be ignored – 14.10.09

  It is commendable that Malta has made the seemingly impossible undertaking to meet the EU legally-binding limits on air pollutants by next year, through increased use of the CCGT plant, combustion optimisation and modification of boilers at the Delimara generation plant, however this still ignores the more immediate and......

Press Release issued on: 14/10/2009

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Heritage: Let’s get our priorities right – 26.09.09

  In the space of just five days Malta has experienced two major heritage setbacks: the closure of Fort St Angelo due to dangerous structural cracks and the collapse of a section of the Floriana fortifications. Neither of these was an overnight development. The deteriorating situation at St Angelo has been known and highlighted......

Press Release issued on: 26/09/2009

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Positive developments in urban preservation – 19.09.09

  Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar commends the recent restoration and official opening of Villa Francia, the latest in a series of successful restoration projects which includes the restoration of the chapel of Our Saviour at Kalkara, as well as the rehabilitation works being carried out on the façades of the Palace, the......

Press Release issued on: 19/09/2009

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Siting of New Parliament Building – 13.09.09

  It is now clear that instructions given to architect Renzo Piano were to design a parliament building and restore dignity to City Gate. The rebuilding of the opera house has been discussed intermittently since its destruction, but the idea of a parliament building was merely mentioned to the public and never revived, although......

Press Release issued on: 13/09/2009

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