Press Releases: 2007

Mepa Auditor

FAA feels obliged to bring to the attention of the public the alarming developments which were reported in the press recently revealing Mepa’s attempt to terminate the employment of the Investigating Officer at the Mepa Audit office. The public now has it from the Ombudsman that the Audit Officer is “a tool to ensure a transparent......

Press Release issued on: 08/01/2017

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FAA refutes MEPA Chairman’s allegations.

In the press release issued by MEPA on 13 June it was stated by MEPA Chairman Andrew Calleja that "the facts on the Ramla l-Ħamra development have been freely available since 2005. This has no bearing on the case. Just because an application is freely available, doesnt necessarily mean that the public, or a non-governmental......

Press Release issued on: 15/06/2016

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Flood of countryside building applications over Christmas

While MEPA is wasting taxpayer money on spots trumpeting the access to environmental information that it allows the public, fully the ‘site at …’ designation, which makes it almost impossible for the public to identify the sites to be developed. While countryside plots may lack a number, this practice is also being perpetrated......

Press Release issued on: 30/12/2007

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NGO calls for Holistic Approach to Harbour Plans

The Grand Harbour area has become a location of great interest for the two major political parties which have both presented plans intended to help to upgrade the more depressed areas whilst injecting the much-needed impetus of economic activity to rehabilitate the area. Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar (FAA) is pleased to note......

Press Release issued on: 22/12/2007

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Trees Under Threat – the need for professional management of trees in Malta

The introduction of the invasive alien species, the Red Palm Weevil, is indeed saddening. A number of palm trees have already fallen victim to this insect pest. Besides being legally protected by the Trees and Woodlands (Protection) Regulations, 2001 (Legal Notice 12 of 2001), some of these trees have historic significance. It......

Press Release issued on: 08/12/2007

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Christmas Shopping , the right way

Moment in Time is exactly what the exhibition starting on the first December at the Manoel Theatre Courtyard is all about – a special moment. A moment when artists come together for a good cause at a special time: Christmas time. December is the month to give, so a group of well-established artists has come forward to give......

Press Release issued on: 24/11/2007

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Empty Property Everywhere – but who’s responsible?

In a recent debate on real estate, Dr. Lawrence Gonzi surprised everyone by admitting We had schemes for people to direct funds invested abroad to Malta but in hindsight I can say that many of these funds went to property. A result of the schemes we introduced led to an over-supply of property." This is confirmed in......

Press Release issued on: 23/11/2007

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New Rights for Neighbours of Building Sites

Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar (FAA) is pleased to note that the new Environment Management Building Site Regulations will help to mitigate the effects of demolition and development works on neighbouring residents especially where noise, dust, waste and storage of building materials are concerned and that these regulations are to......

Press Release issued on: 17/11/2007

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Ta’ Cenc – Welcome news

Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar, Friends of the Earth Malta, Ramblers Association of Malta, NatureTrust and Save Wied Garnaw Action Group welcomes the news that rejection of Ta’ Cenc project is highly probable as indicated by a report from MEPA’s planning directorate seen by the Sunday Times. This recommendation to refuse the......

Press Release issued on: 12/11/2007

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Dwelling glut

FAA would like to draw attention to Prime Minister Gonzi exchange with Mr. Frank Salt in a public debate where Prime Minister Gonzi commented “We had schemes for people to direct funds invested abroad to Malta but in hindsight I can say that many of these funds went to property. A result of the schemes we introduced led to......

Press Release issued on: 04/11/2007

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