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EU Funds used for Tree Destruction in Gozo

 Destruction of Trees at Nadur   In 2006 the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) launched a campaign to plant one billion trees to reverse sustainability problems. By 2009, 7 billion trees had been planted including in London, Berlin, Rome, Milan, Amsterdam, Marseille and Barcelona, even though they are well......

Press Release issued on: 11/10/2014

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Destruction of Trees at Nadur

Gozo Airstrip – Studies Needed

  Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar appreciates Gozitans’ need for improved accessibility, that is why it had proposed free preferential ferry-boarding for bona-fide Gozo residents. The plans to create a new airstrip at Xewkija need to be studied in the light of long-term benefits to Gozo. Given that both the helicopter and......

Press Release issued on: 24/09/2014

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Illegal Land Grab Amounts to Theft

Comino – public land up for grabs (please sign our petition hereunder)   MEPA’s Structure Plan states:   “The countryside and the coast are two of the nation’s most valuable natural resources. Recognising this, the Planning Authority will rigidly control development of the countryside and coast in general.” The......

Press Release issued on: 23/08/2014

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Speak up over land ‘theft’

  Few people realise that the Maltese Constit­ution pledges that “the State shall safeguard the land­scape”. Mepa policies are full of nuggets of wisdom, including “within the designated natural coastal areas… no urban development will be permitted”, yet these policies are ignored as we witness an increase in......

Press Release issued on: 23/08/2014

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Montekristo Estate Zoo

  Eight Environment NGOs condemn the way illegalities are ignored by the authorities   The Environment NGOs – Birdlife Malta, Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar, Friends of the Earth Malta, Gaia Foundation, Malta Organic Agriculture Movement, Moviment Graffiti, Nature Trust (Malta) and Ramblers Association urgently call......

Press Release issued on: 07/08/2014

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Marsamxett Breakwater : Yacht Marina, or Boat-park and More Traffic?

  The construction of a breakwater at Marsamxett has been mooted as one of the projects to be handled by the Chinese Government. Before the proposed Sliema breakwater project can be seriously considered, meticulous studies need to be carried out, including wave motion analysis in order to assess how changes in currents and......

Press Release issued on: 12/07/2014

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Abuse at San Blas Ignored

San Blas Bay, Gozo     Environment groups Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar, Friends of the Earth (Malta) and Ramblers Association state that the illegal development taking place at San Blas Gozo gives rise to grave concern at many levels. The abusive works, which are not covered by any application or permit, were reported......

Press Release issued on: 30/06/2014

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The Implications of the Tall Buildings Policy

  Yet again, a Maltese Government has reached into the dirty tricks bag to launch an unsustainable policy at a time when the public is distracted by an election, with no second public consultation to assess changes to the original draft. In approving the high-rise buildings in Malta, Government has ignored the advice of......

Press Release issued on: 18/06/2014

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MEPA Ignoring Residents

  This week’s Parliamentary debates confirmed how Government is still determined to boost the construction industry, even at the cost of residents’ health and well-being. The separation of the MEPA Planning and Environment Directorates was given importance, but no attempt is being made to give the Environment Authority......

Press Release issued on: 08/06/2014

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Flouting the Law on Energy Efficiency — at What Cost to Us All?

  It has to be said that some positive steps have been taken to improve and protect urban areas, including the upgrading of the Cospicua seafront, the protection of the Ta’ Hagrat Temples, and the issuing of the MEPA circular highlighting the importance of protecting urban gardens. On the other hand, last week’s granting......

Press Release issued on: 07/06/2014

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