Protect Malta’s public places


You are requested to sign the attached petition if you care about the protection of Malta’s public areas.

The Maltese Constitution pledges “the State shall safeguard the landscape.” MEPA’s mission includes: “Within the designated natural coastal areas…no urban development will be permitted”

In spite of all this, uncontrolled development is taking over as hotel beach concessions, illegal boathouses, kiosks, bars and restaurants encroach beaches, public coastal zones and promenades. Our popular beaches are becoming privatized with little space left for the public. Restaurants occupy promenades, roads and even uproot public trees to place their tables and chairs. Fishfarms already pollute our bays. Land reclamation projects threaten our marine ecology and scuba diving tourism.

Your signature can help to get the Authorities to act decisively against usurpation of public rights – YOUR RIGHTS.

Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar (Together for a Better Environment)

Friends of the Earth, Malta

Ramblers’ Association of Malta

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