Scenes Of A City – A Photography Competition


FAA’s SCENES OF A CITY Photography Competition aims to broaden the understanding of Sustainable Development Goal 11 [SDG 11] as set through the UN’s 2030 Agenda, to not only raise awareness about the importance of the SDG itself, but more importantly, to increase awareness about the need to demand that our governments fulfill their obligation to reach the targets set as agreed with the UN, by planning, developing and managing our cities and urban settlements in a truly viable and sustainable way, both for an improved environment and a better quality of life.

Our island faces huge environmental challenges be it due to increasing traffic congestion, insufficient public transport, over-development within urban settlements, the loss of our few remaining open spaces, or the continuing urban sprawl within rural areas. These continuing intense unsustainable practices threaten the quality of life of residents by degrading the state of our communities, and furthermore have adverse impacts on the health of individuals, through increased air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, all trapped within the urban centers, as building heights soar to unprecedented heights and our few remaining green areas disappear.  Such an approach to planning is not just unsustainable environmentally but is a form of social injustice as people are robbed of their right to natural light, clean air and strong community neighbourhoods.

It is imperative that government acts today and creates policies that truly encourage and sustain forward thinking development that takes all stakeholders into account and allows growth to flourish without harming the environment we live in and the well-being of our communities.

We therefore invite photography enthusiasts from all backgrounds to take on the challenge of viewing our local surroundings through a critical eye and observing the obstacles we may face or highlighting the opportunities around us that could help us achieve our 2030 goals. Let us promote critical thinking among the general public through thought-provoking imagery as captured by the trained photographic eye.

Submissions must be sent by not later than noon 19th May 2017 at together with the application form that may be downloaded from the link below.

The guidelines and application to participate may be found here: SCENES OF A CITY_2017 – Guidelines + Application Form REV 03

For more information contact Tara Cassar on 2010 6428 or send an email to


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