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Open Letter in Favour of Healthy Communities

FAA is issuing the text below as an open letter to be carried in the media, signed by many leading names from all fields, and we invite you to add your voice to theirs in speaking out against the lack of planning and enforcement that is ruining the quality of life, landscapes and streetscapes of our islands. We would also be......

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Protect Malta’s Health and Green Heritage

Dear Friends, In Malta we are facing an almost daily destruction of the natural heritage of our towns and villages, especially trees. At a time when Governments worldwide are running projects to increase trees in their already leafy cities, we are witnessing the uprooting of beautiful trees due to misguided road ‘embellishments’......

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Protect Malta’s public places

You are requested to sign the attached petition if you care about the protection of Malta’s public areas. The Maltese Constitution pledges “the State shall safeguard the landscape.” MEPA’s mission includes: “Within the designated natural coastal areas…no urban development will be permitted” In spite of all......

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Protect Malta’s Cultural & Natural Heritage Sites

Petition to Protect Malta’s Cultural & Natural Heritage sites from the threat of development by respecting the legislated buffer zones. ...

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