The costs of air pollution

The World Health Organisation (WHO) report published earlier this week entitled Economic cost of the health impact of air pollution in Europe. Clean air, health and wealth is an eye-opener to many who have shut their eyes to the link between environmental and health impacts. This follows the Organisation for Economic Cooperation... [...]

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Pollution Management and Environment Health

Over the last several years, developing countries and stakeholders have expressed an urgent need for increased support on pollution management in order to respond to the magnitude of the threat to human health and economies. Pollution is sometimes invisible or silent, but it is often incredibly deadly. Responding to pollution... [...]


Urban Forests and Pollution

Urban trees play multiple roles when it comes to local air pollution. While trees in general help reduce air pollution, including absorbing the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide, some species contribute to local smog by emitting volatile organic carbons (VOCs). Planting locations of individual trees and species selection make a difference... [...]


Air pollution is the ‘single biggest environment risk’

The power station is not the only source of Malta’s air pollution problems. Photo: Matthew Mirabelli Public concern on air pollution is justified because of the high incidence of respiratory diseases in the country, according to the Medical Association of Malta, in the wake of a World Health Organisation study defining... [...]


Pictures: Green Walls May Cut Pollution in Cities

Plant-covered walls could slash air pollution in some city streets, recent research suggests. Living Wall A living wall bursts with vegetation at Paris‘s Musée du Quai Branly—a type of green wall that’s catching on in some big cities. These vegetated surfaces don’t just look pretty. They... [...]


Air pollution – Drivers and pressures (Malta)

SOER Common environmental theme from Malta The protection of air quality is one of the policy areas where EU legislation and standards have brought about a revolution. Air quality is one of Malta’s most important environmental concerns due to its direct link with human health and ecosystem. While Malta’s air pollution arises... [...]


World Water Day: NTM actively promoting sustainable water practices

Living on a water scarce country is no simple feat for Malta. For a more sustainable freshwater supply availability collective action from all inhabitants is necessary. On the occasion of the World Water Day, which is celebrated tomorrow, the 22nd of March, Nature Trust Malta unites with other entities and organisations to highlight... [...]


Coastal development pressures ‘major threat to Mediterranean coast’

Of the NGOs participating in the survey, 93% cited development pressures as the main risk to their own country’s coast. This was followed by overfishing (84%), tourism pressures (81%), increased litter (81%), chemical pollution (65%) and coastal erosion (63%). Coastal development pressures are seen as the major threat to Mediterranean... [...]


Harvesting rainwater

At the time of writing, the average rainfall in Malta from 1 September 2014 to date is recorded at 442.4 mm. The actual rainfall varies from a high of 529.6mm, recorded at Selmun, to a low of 373.7mm, noted in Valletta. With yet some months to go, it seems that precipitation in the Maltese islands during the current year will... [...]