Dear members and friends,

We call on you as concerned citizens to help us fight against the on-going rampage in Sliema by objecting to the damaging planning application PA/03062/17 on St Agatha Street, Sliema, proposing the demolition of this iconic ‘green house’ and its subsequent redevelopment into an 8-storey apartment block.

sliema greenhouse

Sending an objection will not hold you liable to any legal damages whatsoever. It will simply mean that you do not approve of the development and are objecting to this abusive application as is your given fundamental right. You will be receiving STANDARD correspondence from the Planning Authority and are not obliged to reply.

To object, simply copy the text in blue below and email your objection directly to the Planning Authority at representations@pa.org.mt  Don’t forget to include your name and email address in the space provided.

We must keep fighting to save all that forms part of our unique culture and show the Authorities that such a callous approach to heritage is unacceptable!

Yours Sincerely,
The FAA Committee

***** COPY TEXT BELOW *****

I, the undersigned, object to PA/03062/17 pertaining to the proposed demolition of no. 1, St Agatha Street, Sliema, for the reasons listed below.


1) This property is a mid to late 19th century townhouse decorated by a well-sculpted statue set in a niche of great architectural sophistication, that is believed to be one of the earliest surviving properties on one of Sliema’s oldest streets, forming an integral part of our cultural heritage which must be PRESERVED.

2) This property is an ICONIC LANDMARK prominently set at the foot of St Mary Street. This house sets the whole tone of this protected historic street’s character and must not be destroyed.

3) The imposing 8 storey development set to replace this historic building is unacceptable as it will have a detrimental impact on the predominant historic character of St Mary Street with the proposed building prominently set at the foot of this street seen jarring in stark contrast with the surrounding typical 2 storey townhouses of Sliema’s village core.

4) The proposal is completely unsustainable – the complete loss of the existing mature garden will reduce available open air and air circulation in the area, and increase rainwater flooding due to reduced soil coverage. The loss of trees and greenery will negatively impact air quality, increase noise pollution as well as contribute to urban heat gain. Additionally the height of the proposed block will throw this narrow street into deep shade, depriving residents of natural light. It is an example of bad planning practice that can not be allowed to continue impoverishing the state of our surroundings.

5) The urban conservation status along the full-length of St Mary Street further extending to include this property must be REASSIGNED, to provide protection to this building and to those in its immediate surroundings at all existing levels of policy.

6) If restored this house will regain its beauty and add value to the whole area – it shouldn’t be destroyed!

***** END *****